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the amazing Super Shami

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Super Shami

It's true that the amazing Super Shami is our best-selling item.  This super absorbent "German made" miracle cloth is a wonder of modern science and is much more than simply a synthetic chamois.  (Read more about this fantastic cleaning product that no home should be without on our Super Shami pages).

However the Super Shami is only one of many innovative and useful products that Homeprodux offers to make all of your daily cleaning chores faster, easier, and even (dare we say it?) FUN!

We also offer the Shami Mop, the Rubber Broom, the Rubber Brush, the Fluppi, the Microfiber Mop, the Static Duster, and the PVA Mop in our ever-growing product line.  Each has a money-back guarantee so you can try them all risk-free.

Our motto is "Clean Smarter!" and we mean it!  We are constantly on the lookout for those new cleaning products that are the smart choice for today's busy homemakers.  We all seem to have less time for cleaning, and would appreciate any product that can help us out.  Above all, it has to work and work well.  We invite you to check out all of our cleaning products.  We are confident that you will find something that will make your life easier, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

My pledge to you is to seek out and provide the most innovative and useful cleaning products available to make all of your cleaning chores easier and faster to help you "Clean Smarter!"  Call (512) 244-7776, or click a convenient PayPal order button from this website today to place your order with confidence.  Email me at info@homeprodux.com if you have any questions about Homeprodux cleaning products.
M.J. "Red" Chanson

Super Shami
Super Shami
Shami Mop
Shami Mop
the Dutch Rubber Broom
Rubber Broom
the Rubber Brush
Rubber Brush
the Fluppi
the Microfiber Mop
Microfiber Mop
the Static Duster
Static Duster
the PVA Mop
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