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Look for our Homeprodux booth at The State Fair of Texas, Home and Garden Shows, Auto Shows, Boat Shows, and other regional events.  We are always pleased to meet with our loyal customers, and to answer any questions you might have about our line of superior cleaning products. We want to help you to "Clean Smarter!"

Performance Marketing, doing business as Homeprodux, is an Austin, Texas based company that for over 20 years has been seeking out and marketing the finest, the most innovative, and the most useful of home cleaning products to satisfy our customer's demand to "Clean Smarter!"

For many years the company has primarily sold its products using personal demonstrations at trade shows, state fairs, home shows, and other public venues.  We still do these live events and enjoy meeting personally those that buy our products.  There is a special satisfaction derived from demonstrating our unique cleaning products and observing the surprise and delight on the faces of the audience as they see with their own eyes how well our products work.  There is nothing quite as powerful as "seeing is believing".

However we eagerly embrace the online marketplace as a means of new customers discovering our amazing cleaning products.  Just as importantly, the Internet allows us to continue providing service to our many satisfied customers seeking to purchase replacement items for those products which have served them so well.  We also find our customers are so pleased with our products that they often want to share them with their friends and family, and purchase additional items as gifts.  They want their loved ones to "Clean Smarter!" too!

Our website tries to provide the information about all of our products to allow you to judge for yourself the superiority of our cleaning products, and our claim that they will help you to "Clean Smarter!" You can then safely and confidently buy new or replacement or gift items using the convenient PayPal order buttons on any product page.  We sincerely thank you for your interest in Homeprodux.

"Red" Chanson
"Red" Chanson

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