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Rubber Broom Instructions

the incredible Dutch Rubber Broom


Push or screw the broom head onto the handle.  Make sure the threads are dry and that the head is on all the way to ensure that the proper vacuum seal is made.


Should you ever need to disassemble the Rubber Broom, hold the broom vertical, with the head at the top.  Rest the handle on the floor and hold it with one hand.  With the other hand, take the broom head and make a rocking motion, while pulling the head upwards. This will release the vacuum seal between the boom head and the handle, allowing you to remove the head.


The Rubber Broom is designed to be pulled back, not pushed, on carpets or tile floors.  It can be used as a push broom on other floors, but best results are obtained by using it as a pull broom.  On carpets, it MUST be pulled.  Keep the bristles vertical and flush against the carpet and make short firm strokes  (the length of the strokes may vary with the type of carpet).

When using the broom in wet applications, a "back and forth" scrubbing motion, or using a circular pattern, will give the best results.  Rubber makes a great scrub brush.  Use the Rubber Broom as a scrub brush on floors, patios, pool/boat decks, etc.  The soft flexible bristles do not scratch and you can use almost any cleaning agent.  After cleaning, flip the broom over and use the squeegee to dry.


Wash the broom head in warm, soapy water or use household chemicals to sanitize it.  The broom head (only) may also be cleaned in your dishwasher, using the top rack only.  The solid rubber broom bristles will remain straight the broom does not need to be hung or stored off of the sweeping head.

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