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Super Shami Instructions

a used Super Shami

General Instructions

The Super Shami synthetic chamois cloth is a unique material.  It's design allows it to be extremely absorbent, machine washable, and soft drying.  Before using for the first time, machine or hand wash, using your favorite soap or detergent; and rinse well.  This will remove the "sizing" that remains from the manufacturing process.

Do NOT use a fabric softener (they reduce absorbency), and do NOT put into a clothes dryer.  Dry flat or hang dry only. (The Super Shami will air dry to a soft and absorbent cloth.)


Wet the Super Shami, wring it out, and place on the spill.  There is no need to dab at the spill, as most liquid will be picked up by the cloth.

Carpets and Upholstery:

For wet spills, use the Super Shami DAMP.  Wring it out and fold over several times, then press down lightly with your fingers.  For stubborn spills, dilute the stain with soapy water — repeating as necessary.  Finish with equal parts of white vinegar and water.

Fresh Spills:

Use plain club soda or mix equal parts of white vinegar with water. Pour on area, let set for a few seconds, and blot with a damp Super Shami.  Wring your Super Shami tightly and let it set on the spot for 5–10 minutes, or until dry.

Old Stains:

Saturate with white vinegar, then blot.  Flush with cold water 2 or 3 times, blotting after each cold water flush.  Be sure to flush ALL vinegar out or it may bleach out the color.  For grease-related stains, use a mixture of lukewarm water and Fantasticฎ, 409ฎ, or shaving cream.  Loosen with a soft brush, wait a few minutes, and then absorb the liquid with a damp Super Shami.  Wet with cold water and a tablespoon of white vinegar to cut the suds.  Then absorb with a damp Super Shami.

Dusting and Polishing:

A well broken in Super Shami can be used dry for dusting or polishing with any of your favorite cleaners.

Autos, Trucks, RVs, Boats:

The Super Shami may be used with soap to wash any of your vehicles.  It does a great job because it holds so many suds.  After you rinse the vehicle, fold a clean damp Super Shami in half and pull it over the surface.  Go in one direction only (not around in circles). Wring it out and repeat.  Your Super Shami will pick up 95% of the water off of your car without pulling the wax off or scratching.

Finish the vehicle off with a soft cotton cloth or a well broken in dry Super Shami to eliminate any spots or streaks.  This method of drying your car is used on Show Cars and works best to keep the finish looking brand new!  The Super Shami may be used for waxing (wet or dry to apply wax).  Use dry to remove the wax.

Miscellaneous Tips:

The Super Shami can save you a bundle of money when used as a substitute for paper towels!  It can also be used as a kitchen towel, wash cloth, for defrosting the refrigerator, cleaning appliances, cleaning and drying bathroom tile, pet accidents, in workshops, and much more.the Super Shami makes great Swifferฎ-type pads

The Super Shami can be easily cut (it is non-fraying) to make a great washable and reusable pad for Swifferฎ type mops.

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1000's of Uses

• Autos & Trucks
• Boats & RVs
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Nursery
• Carpets
• Upholstery
• Tile & Fiberglass
• Windows
• Streak-free mirrors
• Great for pets!
• Sports towel
• Dry your hair
• Hand washables
• Offices
• Clean spills
• As a bath mat
• Mop pad

• Cleaning
• Dusting
• Polishing
• Absorbing spills
• Lifting stains
• Washing
• Drying

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