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The Amazing Super Shami

the amazing Super Shami
Super Shami
Super Shammy
Sham Wow
Super Chamois
Super Shammi
Super Shamy
Super Shammie
Super Chammy
Synthetic Chamois
Miracle Cloth

Whatever you want to call it, or however you spell it, this super-absorbent spun viscose rayon fabric is — well — simply amazing!

The amazing Super Shami is our best-selling item, hands down.  And it's no surprise.  This super absorbent miracle cloth is a wonder of modern science and is much more than simply the most advanced synthetic chamois available on the market today.

I'm here to reorder!  8 for $19.95 ($5 S&H)

Here are just a few of the features that make the Super Shami a must-have item for all of your cleaning needs:

•  Genuine, high quality, German made, from 100% viscose rayon.  Far superior to imitations and old-fashioned leather chamois.
•  Incredibly absorbent — able to hold more than 10 times it's own weight in liquid.  This is the most absorbent cloth you've ever seen!
•  Raises ANY liquid from ANY surface.  (Works best when dampened.)
•  The Super Shami can save you a bundle of money when used as a substitute for paper towels!  The Super Shami is washable and re-useable, stronger, absorbs 10x more liquid, and is superior in every way to a paper towel.
the Super Shami makes great Swifferฎ-type pads•  Cut to any size or shape — made from a non-woven material that will NOT unravel when cut.  (One large Super Shami can easily be cut into 4 generous 10"x14" general purpose cloths.)
•  The Super Shami can be easily cut to make washable and re-useable pads for Swifferฎ type mops.
•  Super soft, lint free, and completely non-abrasive.  Will NOT scratch surfaces.  (Can safely be used on any surface: marble, granite, hardwoods, polished metals, plexiglass, CDs, eyeglasses)
•  Super strong — tough and tear resistant.  With proper care your Super Shami will last 5 years or more.
•  Machine washable — dries soft and remains flexible.
(Air dry.  Do NOT use dryer.  Do NOT use fabric softener.)
•  Easily sanitized for use in kitchen, bath, baby's room or with pets.
(Can use bleach to sanitize without harm to cloth.)  Not affected by mildew or bacteria, and will not "sour".
•  Can be used dry or damp.  You can even use it with your favorite cleaner.  (The Super Shami is not affected by common household cleaning chemicals.)

General Instructions

The Super Shami synthetic chamois cloth is a unique material.  It's design allows it to be extremely absorbent, machine washable, and soft drying.  Before using for the first time, machine or hand wash, using your favorite soap or detergent; and rinse well.  This will remove the "sizing" that remains from the manufacturing process.

Do NOT use a fabric softener (they reduce absorbency), and do NOT put into a clothes dryer.  Dry flat or hang dry only. (The Super Shami will air dry to a soft and absorbent cloth.)

A Full One Year Unconditional

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we want you to make your purchase with complete confidence.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Super Shami, return it by mail (see contact page for address) for a full refund.
Please include $2 for postage and handling.

Your Super Shami package includes:

the amazing Super Shami• 4 huge 20"x27" Super Shami cloths
• 4 smaller & thinner 15"x16" Kitchen Shami
• A helpful Stain Removal Guide with tips on
  cleaning up dozens of common household
• An instruction sheet

Are you ready to order your Super Shami package now?

We promise you won't be sorry!  You can get your set of not just one or two, but eight long-lasting Super Shami for just $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (Outside USA, call or email for shipping costs) Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax to their order.

I'm ready to order!  8 for $19.95 ($5 S&H)

We want you to buy with confidence, and make this offer:  If you see a lower nationally advertised price for this same high-quality product, call (512-244-7776) or email and tell us who and where, and we'll try our very best to match or beat their price.

You may use the "Add to Cart" button to conveniently place your order through Paypal (accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).  (See Ordering for additional PayPal information and other payment options.  Note that there is a $20 Canadian shipping surcharge.)

We've got many other exceptional cleaning products on our site.  You might wish to consider them all.  (Be sure to check out the Shami Mop)  When you have completed all of your purchases (adding to your cart via the "Add to Cart" button on any product page), click the "Begin Checkout" button on any page. This will initiate the PayPal checkout process, where you will be able to view the contents of your cart, enter payment and shipping information (as well as any special instructions), and finalize your order.

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We are constantly on the lookout for those new cleaning products that are the smart choice for today's busy homemakers.

We all seem to have less time for cleaning, and would appreciate any product that can help us out.

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1000's of Uses

• Autos & Trucks
• Boats & RVs
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Nursery
• Carpets
• Upholstery
• Tile & Fiberglass
• Windows
• Streak-free mirrors
• Great for pets!
• Sports towel
• Dry your hair
• Hand washables
• Offices
• Clean spills
• As a bath mat
• Mop pad

• Cleaning
• Dusting
• Polishing
• Absorbing spills
• Lifting stains
• Washing
• Drying

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